Whitestone Church History

  The author of the following is unknown, date is thought to be 1923. 

Most of the charter members of the Loomis Congregation were also the charter members of the Whitestone Congregation.  A number of families moved from Loomis onto the Whitestone project near Whitestone mountain in the year of 1916, and started a Sunday school in the home of M. F. Woods.  Later a schoolhouse was built and permission was given to use the house for Sunday school purposes.  About this time a number of families of members settled near Ellisforde and built a church house, and at a council changed the name of Loomis Congregation to Okanogan Valley.  This new church being too far away for the Whitestone members to attend church regularly, they petitioned the Okanogan Valley congregation for a separate organization.  This was granted and an organization was effected at Whitestone April 19, 1920.  C. E. Holmes and M. F. Woods were chosen co-ordinate Elders, Manie Masters clerk, W. F. Mowan treasurer with Blanche Hawkins correspondent and agent.  Other charter members at this time were A. H. Hylton and wife and daughter Mabel, A. E. Thomas and wife and three children, Pearl John and Verona, Elmer Masters and wife, Eliza Colbert, W. H. Brown and wife, W. F. Mowan and wife and two sons, George and Roscoe, Ivan Hawkins and wife, M. F. Woods and wife and three children. Edythe, Sharon, and Ruth.  Six have been baptized since the organization, namely: Murl Mowan, Eva Woods, Arvilla Hylton, Ruby Woods, Clara Thomas, and Erma Woods.

  B. B. Hylton and wife, W. L. Hylton and wife, Hannah Bohn, Carey Deeter and wife have been received by letter and also granted their letters.  C. M.  Hawkins and wife and daughter Myrtle, Dora Woods, Lela Woods, Fred Stiverson and wife have been received by letter.

  The Sunday school has been growing from the beginning, until we now have about eighty enrolled, including the Home department and cradle roll.    

Date and author unknown  
Year maybe 1923

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