Tacoma Church History

  Prior to 1909 services were held occasionally by Bro. C. N. Stutsman, in the summer of 1909 the District Mission board sent Eld. J. U. G. Stiverson and family to take charge of the work,  he arrived and found 31 members, they were holding S. S. at the home of Bro. Amos Thomas at Bismark, where the preaching services were held until a store room was rented in which all the services were held.  The church was organized Oct. 8, 19109 with Eld's. M F Woods & J S. Secrist present, with 33 charter members.

  2 lots were purchases at 50 and G. streets on which a church house was built and was dedicated May 29, 1910.  H. M. Rothrock and E. S. Gregory moved in and assisted in that work.  J. U. G. Stiverson moved to Ill. in 1913 and E. S. Gregory to charge of the work as pastor for 1 year.  Since that time to the present the preaching has been supplied by ministers from the churches at Olympia and Seattle.  Eld Edward Ruff moved her in 1919 and assisted in the work about. One year of that time he was away, bro. W. H. Greenawawlt moved here in Sept. 1923 and is assisting in carrying on the work.

 Eld Edward Ruff Dec. 29, 1923 

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