Salkum Church History

  Ezra L. Whisler began holding services at an unused Baptist churchhouse in Salkum in 1921 or 1922.  He continued this ministry until 1932, when William B. Damron became the minister.  The congregation was organized on Feb. 6, 1938, as the Salkum Church of the Brethren. When it was incorporated in 1947 the name became Salkum Community Church of the Brethren.  In 1943 John Oley, a retired Brethren minister, moved to the area and joined Damron in ministerial duties.  In 1954 Damron  retired and Marion Cupp became pastor of the Salkum and the parent congregation, Richland Valley. The arrangement ceased in 1945, when Cupp reigned. Then Salkum called James Brumbaugh as its pastor . During his pastorate the Salkum church building was destroyed by fire. The congregation immediately begin to rebuild, receiving  community  aid as well. Services were held in the basement  after 1958 and the structure was completed two years later.  Walter Peckover become pastor in 1958, again on a yoked basis with Richland Valley, Jack Marshall, a member of the Christian Church, became part-time pastor, 1969-79,  followed by Dewey Rowe, a retired Brethren pastor from Seattle, There were sixty members in 1980.

Taken from the Brethren Encyclopedia  

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