Oysterville Church


Marion Andrew and children
He was the only resident minister for this church.
 A church house was never built for the Oysterville congregation.

In 1880 the Andrews family became the first Brethren to move into the Oysterville area.  The Following letter appeared in the Gospel Messenger (1883 page 124). 

“Brethren looking for homes in Oregon or W. Ter., I think would do well to look at the western parts.  We have a mild climate, and the best of health on coast.  The land is fertile: good markets; good country for stock and dairying; fish of all kinds are plentiful.  I have been on the Pacific Coast for eighteen years and this is my choice.  There are five members here, and we would be glad to have a minister come and settle with us. -- Any one can address me at Ilwaco, Pacific Co., W. Ter. M E. Andrews.”

Marion E Andrews and wife Elizabeth turned their church membership into the Powell Valley Church (East of Portland area) Aug. 22, 1883[1], as this was the closest established church.  Marion was a minister in the 1st Degree, being elected to the ministry in 1878 at Stockton Calif. before coming to Washington.  Bro. Andrews did some preaching in the area as recorded in the following article of the South Bend Journal under Nasel Notes. “Marion Andrews of Oysterville held service here last Sunday[2].”  

They were also visited occasionally by other Brethren ministers, such as David Brower and George C Carl who held revival meeting.  In the South Bend Journal we find two such meeting listed. “ Dunkard Revival are soon to be held here. Marion Andrews and a preacher from Grays Harbor will be in charge[3]” and “Revival meeting are now in progress at the M. E. Church by the Dunkards, Rev. Carlyle from Chehalis in charge[4]”.   

George Carl was sent to Oysterville by the District Mission Board to help in the work, he and his family arrived on Oct. 27, 1896. Then in Dec. of 1896 Bro. J. U. G. Stiverson and family was also sent to Oysterville to replace Bro. Carl as he wanted to move back to Oregon. 

The first know baptism in the area was Annie Carl, Daughter of George C. Carl on Jan. 24, 1897 in the bay by Bro. J. U. G. Stiverson.   

A church was organized on Feb. 6, 1897 and was called the Oysterville German Baptist Brethren church with ten charter members:  

J. U. G. Stiverson preached at the following places while he lived in Oysterville.

M. E. Church in Oysterville,  Nasell Hall, Nahocotta Schoolhouse,  Church in Ilwaco,  Nasell Schoolhouse,  Baptist Church in Oysterville,  Long Branch Schoolhouse ,Union Congregational Church at Long Beach and at Stringtown, 

After Marion Andrews moved to California in 1904, this left the church with out a minister or leader and the work fell by the way side and the church was disorganized by 1908. 

No official Church records exist for the Oysterville church but the following was taken from J. U. G. Stiverson daily diary while he lived in Oysterville and articles from the Gospel Messenger.   

Jan.  24, 1897 Anne Carl - Baptized in Bay  
Feb.   6, 1897 Oysterville organized with ten charter members:  
                       Marion E Andrews   Letter from Powell Valley Church, OR  
                       Elizabeth A Andrews (Wife of Marion) Letter from Powell Valley Church, OR  
                       Nancy Jane Andrews (Mother of Marion)
                       Mary L Paul  (Sister of Marion)  
                       George Carl  (Minister)  
                       Nellie Carl (Wife of  George)  
                       Annie Carl ( Daughter of George)  
                       J. U. G. Stiverson (Minister)
Letter from Coquille Valley Church, OR  
                       Sarah Stiverson (Wife of J. U. G.) Letter from Coquille Valley Church,  OR
                       Alice Stiverson (Daughter of J. U. G.) Letter from Coquille Valley Church, OR
                       S. S Barklow of Oregon was chosen Elder in Charge.  
Apr.    3, 1897  J. U. G. Stiverson chosen foreman of the church  
May    1, 1897  Harvey Bowen - Baptized  
May  26, 1897  Letter Granted  to George, Sarah & Anne Carl - move back to OR  
Mar.   4, 1898 Leoura L Yates - Baptized  
Mar. 11, 1898 Baptized at Long Beach  
                        Mrs. Margaret Nelson
                        W H Hofels
                        Mrs. John Wesley Collins  
Mar. 13, 1898 Henry A Yates restored  
Mar. 17, 1898 Baptized at old man Briscoes place
                        Clarence N Hutton

                        Nettie A Hutton (Wife of Clarence)
                        Mrs. Mary L Larsen (Annie Mary Lauston) ???
                        Mrs. Sarah Smith
                        John Lidbery
Mar. 28, 1898  Henry & Leoura Yates - Letter granted going to  Walla Walla
Dec. 29, 1898  Bro. Marion Andrews Advance to 2nd degree
Sep.   9, 1898  Death of Nancy Jane (Elam) Andrews
Nov. 21, 1898  N. C. Hutton Letter granted to Powell Valley Church, OR
Feb.   6, 1899  George Lehman received by letter from Salem Church, OR
Mar. 25, 1899  J.U.G. Stiverson, Wife and Alice - Letters granted- Klickitat Valley at Lyle, WA
April 1899      Marriage of George A. Lehman to Emma M. Andrews by J. U. G. Stiverson       
Aug. 11, 1900   Geo. A. Lehman elected Deacon
1904    Marion E. Andrews Moved to Calif.           
Other members of the church were: Emma A (Andrews) Lehman, John Westly Collins 


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