Outlook Church History 

The following account was written by May Shockley, June 30, 1930.

The District Meeting of 1917 granted the members of the Outlook congregation the right to withdraw from the Sunnyside congregation and organize them selves into a separate body.  We had a church house built in 1912 and had been having Sunday School each Sunday and preaching twice a month and Christian Workers Meetings each Sunday.  On September 29, 1917, the members met in council with Bro. Geo. E. Wise moderator to elect the officers.  The following are the charter members.

            Bro. & Sis. A. H. Partch Elder      
Bro. & Sis. Frank Partch
            Bro. & Sis. George Partch Deacon
            Bro. Harry Partch Deacon
            Bro. Homer Partch
            Sis. Beatrice Partch
            Sis. Esther Partch
            Bro. & Sis. P. J. Quesinberry  -- Deacon
            Bro. Rush Quesinberry
            Bro. Early Quesinberry
            Bro. Posey Quesinberry
            Sis. Olga Conover
            Sis. Bretha Carter
            Bro. Chas Burenette
            Bro. & Sis. Tellie Sutphin Deacon
            Bro. Ruell Sutphin
            Bro. Ralph Stuphin
            Bro. Harley Stuphin
            Bro. & Sis George Shockley
            Bro. & Sis S. A. Shockley  -- Deacon
            Bro. Walter Shockley
            Bro. Clarence Shockley
            Sis. Ida Shockley

  Bro. Wise had been chosen as elder at a previous meeting at Sunnyside.  May Shockley was chosen Secretary & Treasurer for the remainder of the year.  We decided to begin our year January 1, so the trustees were elected, one for one year and three months, one for two years and three months and one for three years and three months.

  Feb. 14, 1918, we paid $28.50 to our District Mission Board, and on July 9, 1918 paid the same amount. November 28 a Thanksgiving offering of $100.00 was sent to the General Mission Board for world wide Missions.  During this year six were received by letter, and two were lost by death.  At our council meeting in December we decided to build a basement under the church.  Our S. S. had increased, so we needed more room.  As soon as the weather was suitable the work was started and the basement 28 by 40 gave us room for several class rooms.

  A call was made for District Meeting which was granted to be held in August 1920.  Two were received by baptism in 1919.  During this year 
$ 71.30 was paid to the District Mission Board.  On November 27, 23 sent $44.45 to the General Mission Board.  December 1, 1 special offering was sent to a needy sister in Tacoma.

  The work here was encouraging, so we decided to get a pastor to give full time to the work here during the year 1920.  January 2, 1920 three were received by letter.  Bro. J. S. Zimmerman came to us in February and held a two-week Bible School and Revival combined.  Bro. Finell came to us in February in behalf of the Sunday School Board and we gave $50.00 to the work of that Board.  In June $68. 85 was paid to the General Mission Board.

  July 1, Bro. B. J. Fike and family came and took up work as Pastor. During this year six were received by letter and server by baptism.  One letter was granted during the year.  December 22, $33.17 was sent to the Armenians.  December 29, $49.85 was sent for the China Famine.

  In 1921 seven letters were granted and five members were received by letter. The Sunday School was still increasing so we organized a primary Department of seven class, to hold their session in the basement.  November 16, $19.00 was sent to Bethany Bible School.  November 24, $220.42 was sent to the General Mission Board.  Fifteen were received by baptism during this year.

  In 1922, $50.00 was sent to Annual Meeting; $53.00 to the General Mission Board; and $50.00 to the District Mission Board.  Seven were received by baptism in 1922.

  In 1923, an election was held in April and Bro. Lorell Weiss was licensed to preach.  $600.00 was sent to Annual Meeting. We lost one member by death, and at present we have a membership of sixty.

  June 30, 1930 Outlook, Wash.

May Shockley  

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