North Yakima Church
(Name later change just to the Yakima Church)

  The work in North Yakima was started in October 1899.  At that time there were no members living there.
  The district Mission Board decided to open up the work there, and send Elder J. U. G. Stiverson and wife to take charge of the work, and with his family arrived in North Yakima, Oct. 23, 1899.
  Having no house for worship and not being able to secure a suitable building, the work was first started in the country, at the Nob Hill, Wide Hollow and Ahtanum School houses, and later in the Natchez Valley. 
  March 18, 1900, Elder Geo. E. Wise and family arrived from Kansas, and was an active helper in the work. 
  In December 1900, they rented the Seventh Day Adventist church, and held the first service there on December 30, 1900, and for eight months they held their Sunday School and preaching services there, at the end of which time. For economyís sake, the church was given up, and the meetings held in the home of Elder Geo. E. Wise. 
  Jan. 1, 1902, the North Yakima Church was organized at the home of J. U. G. Stiverson, Elders D. B. Eby and S. H. Miller of Sunnyside, Wash. being present to assist in the organization. 
  The church was organized with ten members present and seven represented by letter.  Elder Geo. E. Wise was chosen as Elder in charge, and Elder J. U. G. Stiverson and wife were continued in the field by the Mission Board as Missionary workers. 
On Dec. 20th, they contracted for a church house and lot for $600.00, formerly owned by the Congregational church, which was repaired, and new seats put in. 
  The first service was held in the church March 7, 1902, and on the following Sunday, March 9th, the church was dedicated.  Elder D. B. Eby preached the dedicatory sermon, and the first communion service was held that evening.  Thirty members surrounded the Lordís table. 
  The securing of our house of worship gave new life to the work, by baptism and emigration the church increased, till in the summer of 1903 there were forty three members enrolled. 
  In September of that year the Mission Board moved the Missionaries to Weiser, Idaho, and the work at North Yakima since then has been carried on by the minister living there.
  In 1902, Elder Enoch Faw and J. M. Plank moved in, and later P. H. Hertzog and J. Hollinger came as helpers in the work.
  In July 1907, the old church and lot were sold, and a new lot purchased and a new church house built at a cost of $2,000.  The new house has three rooms, two of which can be thrown together when needed for the audience room, the house is nearly all paid for.
  We now have a membership of thirty four.  North Yakima, is a wealthy and progressive city of about 12,000, and will become a center for Missionary work throughout the adjacent valleys, which are all under cultivation and thickly settled.  

Information give by Geo. Wise 1909  

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