North Spokane Church History 


The author or date of the following account of the North Spokane church is not known.

North Spokane church is located in Northeastern part of city, one block from Hillyard car line on Martin St. & Rich Ave., no other church within eight blocks.

In spring of 1919 the members on north side with Eld Stephen Johns as overseer secured from Dist. Mission Board $200.00 to assist in buying a small building which was remodeled and fitted.  Easter Sunday April 20, 1919, 28 members with their children met to organize a mission S. S..  C. W. was started shortly afterward.  Preaching every other Sunday which has been kept up since, except when we had a paid pastor.

Work progressed nicely and in Aug. 1919 a petition was sent to Dist Meeting for privilege to organize.  Sept. 27, 1919 a committee of three Elders were sent as petitioned, with power to organized in making body.  Eld Stephen Johnson was unanimously chosen Eld.  There was a membership of 36 including officials. Eld. Stephen Johnson & Eld John bare, Rev. Sherman Clapper who assisted in filling appointments and three deacons, I. H. Jorgens,  Raula Snider & Guy Bernett.  The organization was completed Oct. 13, 1919.

Eld Stephen Johnson was retained Eld. for 1920, but Jan. 31, 1920 passed to his reward. His loss was felt very much. Eld J. J. Filburn of Wenatchee, Wash. was chosen for remainder of year.  Eld. W. H. Tigner of Grays Wash. was Eld. during 1921 & 1922 also chosen for 1923.

Our first communion was held July 24, 1920 at which 36 communed.

In fall of 1921 it became necessary to have more room for Sun. School and two lots were purchased near old building on Martin & Rich.  Plans have been drawn up for new building an as insufficient funds were on hand, it was decided to just finish basement for present.  Dec. 17, 1921 the church was incorporated and by-laws were adopted.

  During last two years the Dist. Mission Broad has helped by paying Rev. Sherman Clapper for five months full time and Eld Ervin Weaver for one year to give half time.  At present Rev. Clapper is preaching twice a month.

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