Myers Creek History


Feb. 1st, 1923 Chesaw, Washington

Myers Creek and Omak Churches.

B. Breshears, a minister in the second degree moved to Chesaw in 1902, at about the same time and a little later other members moved in, started holding meetings in the Kipling School House, also, organized a Union Sunday school.  A council meeting was called for October 17th, 1903, and was presided over by Elder D. B Eby, of Sunnyside, Washington.  At this meeting the Myers Creek Church was organized with the following members present: B. Breshears, Rebecca Breshears, Richard Rash, Eliza Rash, George B. East, Henry M. Colbert, Elizabeth Colbert, Ida Rash, Lowell Fainter, Julia Fainter, Ezra S. Murray, Allie M. Murray.  Elder J. Harmon Stover, of Tekoa, Washington was the first Elder in charge of this church.  On account of members moving away the Myers Creek church was disorganized in 1910. B. Breshears and family and E. S. Murray and Family moved to Omak and started the work there, holding services in the school house on Pogue Prairie, the Union Sunday School was also carried on at the same place.  Other members moved in and the Omak Church was organized at the home of E. S. Murray, on May 31st, 1913, with Elder J. U. G. Stiverson present.  The first Love Feast was held in 1912, with Elder George Sellers present and officiating. Later the school house was abandoned for school purposes and in 1920 the building and grounds was purposes.  In August 1922, Elder J. U. G. Stiverson and wife and Daughter moved to Omak, in Feb. 1923 considerable repair was done on the building getting it in shape to be used for church purposes.  After this work was completed a three weeks Revival Meeting was held with Elder Stiverson in charge.  Nine were added to the church by Baptism.  The first joint Sunday School and Christian Workers Convention of the three in Okanogan County were held there in June the 3rd, 1923.  On January the 1st the Brethren Sunday School and Christian Workers Societies were started.

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