Mt. Hope Church History 


The author and date of the following account of the Mt. Hope church is not known.

Bro. G. R. and Sister Mary C. Hixson and family came to Spokane, Washington from Stilson, Hancock county, Iowa, in the spring of 1901, and in December of the same years moved to Chewelah, Washington, and located (sister Hixson’s mother) joined them in January, 1902.  There were no church services nearer than Chewelah, and no Brethren nearer than Deer Park, Washington, which was about 52 miles from Chewelah. 

There were very few settlers in that country then and especially in the mountains, which were in a wild state around Bro. Hixson’s home. 

July 19th, 1902, Bro. J. H. and Sister Dell Metcalf and family from Medical Lake, Washington, (formerly of Mulberry Grove, Illinois) located near Bros. Hixson’s place.  This small band of workers, with the assistance of a few interested outsiders, organized, on the first Sunday in October 1902, what became known as the Chewelah Creek Sunday School. 

The offices elected  Bro. Metcalf, Superintendent, Bro. Hixson, teacher Bible Class, Mr. Turner Hawk, teacher Young People’s Class.  Sister Mary C. Hixons, teacher of Juvenile Class, Sister Dell Metcalf, teacher of Primary Class, Mr. Lewis Hixson, secretary, Sister Mary C. Hixson, Treasurer.

Although we organized as a union school, we used the Brethren’s supplies, and have had an evergreen Sunday School since then. 

The first sermon preached in this community by the Brethren was delivered by Bro. J. Harman Stover, at the home of Bro. G. R. Hixson in February, 1903. 

The next Brethren who moved here were Bro. J. E. and Sister Phebe McFarlen and family from Stilson, Hancock county, Iowa.  They came here in May, 1903. 

The first Love Feast was held in Bro. Hixson’s new barn, July 6th, that summer, by Brethren J. U. G. Stiverson and J. Harman Stove.  Nine members communed.  Three sermons were preached by these Brethren during their stay with us. 

Social or Young Peoples’ meetings was organized the first Sunday evening in October, 1903, with Sister Hixson as leader. 

Bro. Sherman and Sister Mary Clapper of Mulberry Grove, Illinois, with their family, arrived here October 10th and bought a relinquishment joining Bro. Metcalf’s farm.  Bro. Clapper being a minister, we had preaching every first and third Sunday of each month, until Bro. John O. and sister Streeter and family, and Bro. Isaac and Bro. Gilbert Teeter of Octavia, Nebraska came here.  Bro. Streeter located near Chewelah, and there were now two ministers in the congregation. 

Bro. J. O. Streeter preached his first sermon in the mountains, January 22, 1906, only a few Sundays after his arrival.  We then had preaching, Sunday School and social meeting every Sunday. 

September 8th, 1906, the members met at the home of Bro. G. R. Hixson, with Bro. D. M. Click presiding and organized the Mount Hope Church.  Bro. Amos B. Peters of Wenatchee, Washington, was elected Elder and Brethren J. H. Metcalf and Isaac Teeter were chosen as Deacons. 

Brethren and Sisters present at the organization were:
            Bro. and Sister Clapper
            Bro.      Sister Metcalf
            Bro.      Sister Hixson
            Bro.      Sister Streeter
            Sister Mary Aschenbrenner
            Sister Beryl Streeter
Bro. Isaac Teeter
            Bro. Gilbert Teeter
            Bro. D. M. Click

  During the evening after the organization they held a Love Feast in Bro. Hixson’s barn. 

Sister Cora Clapper and Sister Pearl Hixson were baptized, September 10th, after the Love Feast.  The next October, Bro. and Sister Charles Wright of Uniontown, Washington, (formerly of Goshen, Indiana,) came to help us in our work. 

January 4th, ten were added to the church by baptism: sister Ida Metcalf, sister Letitia  Clapper, Sister Ruby Metcalf, Sister Nellie Clapper, Sister Leona Metcalf, Bro. Arthur Roper, Bro. Jerry Streeter,  Bro. Joseph and Sister Louisa Hartill and Bro. Joseph Breese.  January 11th, two more were baptized: Bro. Jesse Hartill and Bro. Emanuel Hartill. 

April 4th 1907, Bro. Enoch Sylvander was received into the church by baptism. 

We held a Love Feast in Bro. Metcalf’s new house, June 27th, 1908, 23 communed.  Bro. Sherman Clapper conducted the service. 

We have contemplated building a church house in the mountains and have land for the same.  There is a splendid opening for work here in Chewelah which at present we do not feel able to undertake.

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