Highland Church

1891 - 1900?

The Gospel Messenger Sept. 1, 1891 page 541
Church Organized. – I have just returned form the Dayton country, Washington, where we had some meetings. We met in council to consider the propriety of organizing and getting into working shape. It was decided to unanimously to organize in the general order of the Brethren, and to be known as the “Highland” church. We proceeded to elect one minister and one deacon.  The lot for minister fell on Ernest Hopkins; for deacon on Wilbur Hopkins.  Both are brethren of fine talent, and both were duly installed with much solemnity.  The Brethren at this point seem to be very hopeful for the prospects of the future. Isolated as they are, they have no meetings unless some ministering brother stops with them.  We agreed to meet with then once a month until they get fairly started in the work.  We expect to have a Communion at this point sometime during the coming fall. – S. Hodgden, Moscow, Idaho, Aug. 18. 

The Gospel Messenger May 24, 1892 page 332
 From Idaho and Washington
  In the Moscow church we are getting along very well.  there seems to be more harmony now than at any time since we have had the car of the work at this point.  it take time, patience and careful work sometimes, to overcome difficulties. one was baptized at our last meeting. our communion will be June11.   we have twp application for baptism at that time, which has been deferred on account of sickness. We were called to Dayton, Highland church, last February, to baptize a sick son of Bro. Hopkins. We found him very low. he was given up to die by his physicians, but said he could not die out of the church. they had prepared a box to baptize him in, but he was too low for even that.
  He rallied, got better, through the prayers of father, mother, and the church, and the strong  desire to the Lord's will, re recovered. we left an appointment to return in April to baptize him. and hi sister, who had agreed to be baptized at the  same time.    

From J U G Stiverson's Diary

 Wed. July 17, 1895 Clear, cool in morning, warm about noon,
  Started for Hopkins place 4:15 a.m., went through Johnson & Colton, crossed the Alpowa ferry 11 a.m., camped at a fruit orchard on Alpowa creek for dinner, passed Alpowa P.O. and camped at Pataha City all might, slept in a hay mow. Company composed of Bro. & Sis. Barklow & Alta & us, Bro. Miller took us. 

Thru. July 18, 1895  clear & warm
  Left Pataha City 6 a.m., went thought Pomeroy & Marengo, crossed the Tukannon, canyon 1700 feet deep, camped at Hulls for dinner, 5 miles from Hopkins, got all the raspberries we wanted to eat, to Ira Hopkins 3:20 p.m. stayed there all night.

 Fri. July 19, 1895 rained a little last night, clear day
  Bro. Miller started home went with Bro. Ira H to announce the meeting, took dinner at Startins, got back to Hopkins, the middle of the afternoon, stayed there all night.

 Sat. July 20, 1895 Clear
  Out with Ira a while announcing meeting, at Erwin and Wilber's a little while, at preaching 8 p.m. at Highland school house, at Ira’s all night 

Sun. July 21, 1895 Clear & warm
  At preaching 11 a.m., went to Earnest Hopkins for dinner, at preaching 4 p.m. Barklow preached, had church counsel at Ira’s in evening decided to hold a communion in the fall, went home with Wilber, stayed all night. 

Mon. July 22, 1895  Clear & warm
At Ervin's for dinner and to spent the afternoon, went to Ira’s in evening, prepared to start home, stayed all night.

The Gospel Messenger Aug. 20 1895 page 539-40
From The Moscow Church, Latah Co., Idaho
On June 26, the writer, in company of Eld. S. S. Barklow, and others, started for the Big Potlatch country, thirty-five miles from Moscow, to hold some meetings.  While there, Eld Barklow preached five sound Gospel sermons to large and attentive audiences.  Although there were no immediate accessions, yet we feel there was much good done.  The members  were built up, and some outside the fold said they were going home to read the Scriptures.  On our return trip we had one meeting on American Ridge, with good attendance and interest.
  July 6, 23 held our regular quarterly council.  All business was disposed of with a Christian spirit.  We decided to hold a love feast here some time this fall.
  July 17, in company of Eld. S. S. Barklow and companions, we stated for Bro. Ira Hopkins’ place, near Dayton, Wash., about seventy miles from Moscow.  Bro. Miller took us over by private conveyance.  We held three public service and a council-meeting with the Highland church, Columbia Co., Wash.  We would like to have held more meeting while there, but the people were so busy with their harvest. That they could not get out to night meetings, So we thought best to return home for the present.
  July 24, we arrived home after traveling about 140 miles over hills and canyons.  Wherever we went we found some who are anxious to hear the Gospel preached in its purity.  May the time soon come when they will not only be hearers, but doers of the Word!  J. U. G. Stiverson.

Gospel Messenger Aug. 13, 1896
Dayton, Wash. - July 18 brethren S. S. Barklow, J. U. S. Stiverson, and families, came to our church for the purpose of holding a series of meetings.  It being harvest time here, it was deemed best, - after preaching three interesting sermons, to small but attentive congregations, --to postpone the meetings until fall, or until the busy season is over. Wilber Hopkins, July 26 

The Gospel Messenger Sept. 2, 1898 page 605 
Moscow.- While traveling from house to house in Washington and Idaho I find now and then an isolated brother or sister.  It was our pleasure, several weeks ago, to meet Brother and Sister Reed, and Brother and Sister Swift, near Garfield, Wash.  After a feast of love with them, I left for this place where I met the Brethren, Aug. 21, in public worship and Sunday school service.  Bro., Enoch Faw preached at 11 A. M. And Bro., Edmund Forney at P. M.  Brother and Sister Forney  stopped here on their way home from California.  While with us Bro. Forney preached four sermons, which were much appreciated by all who heard him.  They left here Aug. 29 for North Dakota, where they will visit a few days with friends and Brethren.  The church here has recently elected two brethren to the ministry and they have entered the work nobly.  The members here have their Sunday school and social meeting and will have, from this on, preaching every Sunday.  They have appointed a love feast fro Oct. 15. - B. F. Click Sept. 5,


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