Greenwood Church
Wenatchee Park)

  Greenwood Church of the Brethren, WA, Located in the Upper Wenatchee Valley near Plain in Chelan Co. In 1913 about fourteen younger Brethren families, mostly form Wenatchee, moved into    wooded area along the Wenatchee River, in the hopes of turning the cheaper logged land into orchards.  A. B. Peters, the prime mover of the Brethren into central Washington, inaugurated the project. They were organized on May 8, 1915, as the Wenatchee Park congregation, with P. H. Hertzog as elder of thirty-five members. The climate was not conducive to the orchard business and many families left their property and returned to the Wenatchee Valley, in 1928 the congregation petitioned the district to change its name to Greenwood. Besides Hertzog, leaders were C. F. Rupel and J. J. Filbrun. Greenwood had twenty-eight members in 1924, but membership dwindled to ten in 1938, the year of its disorganization.

 History taken from The Brethren Encyclopedia Vol. 1 page 572

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