Covington Church History
(1957 -)

 Covington, WA, Community Church of the Brethren. It developed from a union  Sunday school sponsored by the American Sunday School Union in the Berrydale High school. As early as 1938 Brethren families began meeting for worship. Bernard Suttle, pastor of the Seattle congregation, began prayer meetings in the early 1940ís and then regular worship services. A building was moved onto a donated building site and in 1944 the Covington Community DB began activities, with Suttle as a free minister. It reached full congregational status in 1957. Clement Bontrage was a part-time pastor, 1948-64; under his guidance membership reached 244 by 1964. As numbers grew it became necessary to build a new church structure, dedicated in 1953, to which was added an educational unit in 1960. Facilities were later remodeled in 1968-69 and 1974. Edward E. Zook was pastor, 1964-68, followed by Edward E. Lyons, 1969.  Membership in 1980 was sixty-two.      

History taken from The Brethren Encyclopedia Vol. 1 page 350 (1983)

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