Bend Church


Bend Church History 

 The first record of  the Brethren living near Redmond and Bend Oregon appeared in the District Meeting Minutes of Oregon in 1912.  It stated that there is call for a organization at Redmond, in central Oregon, there are about 13 members.  

  In The Gospel Messenger of April 5, 1913 the following article appeared.
  At the urgent call of the scattered members in Crook Country, for meetings, the District Mission Board sent the writer to look after the spiritual need of that section.  The members living near Redmond called a council meeting at the home of Bro. E. W. Pratt.  There were twelve members present, several having come from Bend, - a distance of eighteen miles.  After devotional exercise the conditions were discussed an it was decided that they are not yet ready for an organization at this place.
  Next day we went by wagon to the home of Bro. D. E. Fox, near Bend. Saturday evening, March 8, 1913, at a council held at the home of Bro. M. Niswonger, Bend, Oregon, the eight members present were organized into a working congregation. During the organization it was remarked that the original group, at the start of our Fraternity, contained a similar number of members.  The organization is as follows: Bro. Ira H. Fox, minister in the first degree; Bro. D. E. Fox, deacon, and also church clerk; M. Niswonger, treasurer; Rose Fox, chorister; Mrs. Nellie Lattin, solicitor and messenger agent.  At the services held in the Niswonger home, Sunday afternoon, two other sisters, not at council, were present.  
  This country is new.  It was a vast sheep range prior to the coming to the railroad.  Extensive irrigation projects are being put into operation.  There is no water available except river water.  The land is quite fertile, but much of it is stony.  The Brethren in this section are prosperous and have high hopes of the future of this section of new country.  Brother and Sister Niswonger, formerly from Dayton, Ohio, have lived in Crook County for eight years. For five years they kept the stage “station” at Powell Butte, eleven miles from Redmond.  Their godly lives have been a good advertisement for the Church of the Brethren and the outlook is good.
  Any one desiring information concerning the country may address Bro. H. A. Beckwith or Bro. Albert Mohler, Bro. E. W. Pratt, Redmond, Oregon or Bro. D. E. Fox, Bend, Oregon.
--H. H. Keim, Island Farm, Ridgefield, Wash., March 26.

 September 4, 1915, The Gospel Messenger Bro. Geo. C. Carl, of Portland, was chosen as our elder 

March 25, 1916, The Gospel Messenger 
 Bend church met in council Feb. 27.  Eld Conrad Fitz presided.  Four Letters were granted, and one was received.  Bro. I. H. Fox and family have moved to Centralia, Wash.  Bro. Fox is only resident minister there. He has been laboring in the bend church for three years. And will be greatly missed.  I would be glad to hear from any one desiring to change location. - E. W. Pratt, Redmond, Oregon, March 10.  

 November 2, 1918 page 701, The Gospel Messenger 
 Bend church met in council Oct. 7, Bro. S. P. Van Dyke, of Newberg, presiding.  Three letters were received and two were granted.  We were glad to have with us Bro. Van Dyke and Bro. Thomas Barklow, of Myrtle Point.  The latter was chosen elder for the year. Bro. G. C. Carl, of Portland, sent in a request to be relieved as elder.  We now have nine members, and decided to have the church transferred to Redmond, and to request District Meeting of the next year to change the name from Bend to Redmond.  If any one desires a change and wants to help build up a church, we would be gland to correspond with him.  Any one coming will be gladly shown the country.  We have no house of worship and are holding no services at present. - E. W. Pratt, Redmond, Oregon, Oct 13 

Elders Meeting of Oregon July 26, 1920 at home of Sister Jordon in Ashland, OR

Bro. Vandyke presented the condition of the Bend church.  The church was disorganized & Bro. Pratt granted a church letter & he being a minister.


Members in March  8, 1913
Ira Fox – Minister                           Bend
Rose Fox (wife of Ira)

David Fox – Deacon                        Bend
Loretta Etta Fox (wife of David)

Albert Mohler                                  Redmond
Lucy Mohler (wife of Albert)

Eugene W.  Pratt                              Redmond
Martha Pratt (wife of

Harry A Beckwith                             Redmond
Ada Beckwith (wife of Harry)

Moses Niswanger                              Bend 
Mariah Niswanger (wife of Moses) 


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