Bandon Church


Bandon Church History

Bandon, OR, Church of the Brethren, A daughter of Myrtle Point congregation. Bandon was organized on June 22, 1912, with ten members.  The town of Bandon is located on the Pacific Ocean, a the mouth of the Coquille River. Formerly  a mission point of Myrtle Point, Bandon believed that its activity would be more effective with a separate organization but lacked sufficient leadership. Its highest level of membership was reached in 1921, when numbers more than doubled from the previous years to reach twenty-four. It was not possible to maintain that level, although there were twenty-one members in 1924. It had fifteen in 1928, when the process of disorganization began, which was completed by the district action in 1930. Men giving pastoral leadership were Thomas Barklow, Charles H. Barklow, J. W. Barnett, and C. E. Wolf. 

History taken from The Brethren Encyclopedia Vol. 1 page 81. (1983)    


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