Ashland Church

Photo taken in 1941

This short history written just three years after the congregation was organized was published in  The Missionary Visitor Feb. 1906 page 81

Ashland Congregation

Jan. 5, 1903, the Ashland congregation dates the beginning of its organization. Eld. G. W. Hoxie, of the Rogue River congregation, presided, and was chosen as elder.  In all twenty members handed in letters at this meeting and are considered charter members. Among this number were Brethren C. E. Nininger and S. E. Decker, ministers in the second degree, and D. M. Bowser in the First.  At the present time the membership has reached thirty-three, and S. E. Decker who as since been ordained is bishop.  A flourishing Sunday school, with fifty scholars enrolled, prayer meetings, sistersí sewing circle, Christian Workersí meetings, and preaching twice each Lordís Day, are all indications that this band though very young, is one of the most active, vigorous and healthy congregations on the coast.  In forming the settlement, the members seen to have sought unity of effort rather than individual interests and as a result they have but two members living away from the body.

 Sent in to The Missionary Visitor by Cora B. Decker    


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